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As an established Garner heating and air conditioning company, we serve the entire Raleigh NC area with experienced, professional and reliable HVAC heating and air conditioning repair service. Our goal is to help you get the longest life out of your existing unit. We know that when your heating or air conditioner goes out, it’s always an emergency – we’re there for you when you need us!


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  • Experienced: Over 30 years of restoring comfort.
  • Fast Response: I offer a 30-minute callback guarantee.
  • The best rates: We quote at the best rates in town.
  • Work and satisfaction guaranteed: I take personal responsibility for the quality of our work.
  • Discounts: Discounts available for retired elderly and elderly veterans.


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Over the years Darrell has saved me a lot of money by repairing my unit instead of replacing it. He always seemed to do what was best for me at the time. I never felt I was being “sold”.

5-Star ReviewReed, Cary, NC

After returning from the hospital in November, our heating was not working. We called Darrell and he fixed the problem quickly. Darrell was easy to work with, knew what he was doing, and I appreciated his integrity.

5-Star ReviewWes & Ford, Raleigh, NC

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  • Skilled & Experienced: Over 30 years experience repairing heating and cooling units.
  • Fast Response: We can help quickly.
  • The best rates guaranteed: We quote at very competitive rates.
  • Work and satisfaction guaranteed: I personally guarantee our work. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction!

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Raleigh AC Repair Experts

As an established Raleigh AC repair professional with over 30 years of HVAC experience, I pride myself in helping my customers get the most life out of their heating and air conditioning system through honest repairs and regular maintenance.  The Raleigh, North Carolina area experiences the full swing of the seasons from freezing temperatures in winter to sweltering heat in the summer, keeping your HVAC system busy year-round.  The benefits of keeping your heating and air conditioning system well-maintained may include lower power bills, extended system life, and possibly even better health for you and your family. 

There are many different types of HVAC units that may be found throughout the Raleigh NC area.  These include both a package system which is commonly found serving the first floor and split systems on the second story.  It is very common for Raleigh homes to use natural gas for heating as well.  I can service and repair all major brands including Carrier, Trane, and Goodman, just to name a few.

Self-Maintenance and AC Repair

There are things you can do yourself to help keep your heating and cooling system working at proper efficiency and possibly reduce the likelihood of requiring repair.

Visual Inspection

Visually inspect the exterior components of your AC system on a regular basis for any signs of damage. The Raleigh area has a lot of trees and gets plenty of wind storms; it’s a good idea to have a quick look at your system after such a storm.  Depending on the type of system you have, things to inspect might include the compressor housing, the compressor itself, fan blades, evaporation coil, thermostat, etc.  Observe your unit both during operation as well as when it is not running.  This will allow you to listen for any audible signs of a problem while it’s running, as well as see the fan blades more clearly when they are at rest.  Any damage should be referred to an HVAC repair professional for inspection right away.


The cleanliness of your heating and cooling system directly affects its ability to do its job.  For your system to properly cool and heat, these components must be both physically in-tact and clean of dirt and residue that builds up.  Don’t use improper chemicals that could cause damage to your unit when I can take care of this for you.

Air Filters

Visually inspect your air filter each month.  Air filters should be changed on the recommended schedule.  Special air filters designed to reduce airborne allergens, dust, mold and more may provide additional relief for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. 

Keep in mind that such filters will build up all that material they are filtering out of your air.  As a result, the “better” your filter is at removing allergens, the more often you’ll need to change it.  That’s because for the filter to catch more things, the openings that allow air to flow through the filter get progressively smaller.  While this may be good news for your allergies, it does mean that those tiny openings get clogged a lot faster.  If you don’t change your filter when needed, this will impede air flow and induce unnecessary strain on the blower motor, thus reducing the life of your HVAC unit.

AC Repair

Danger!  If you see signs of damage or believe something is wrong with your heating and cooling system, do not attempt to repair your AC unit yourself.  Never attempt to open or disassemble your system, reach inside of it, or touch any internal components due to the risk of injury or death.

When To Call an Air Conditioning Company

There are a number of different reasons that you may need to obtain service on your heating & air conditioning system.

Routine Maintenance

Home efficiency and HVAC experts recommend bi-annual maintenance in both the spring and fall to check your system for proper operation, clean the components so your system is working efficiently, and ensure there are no leaks.  By servicing your system on such a schedule, I may be able to detect a small problem early on and keep it from turning into a much bigger problem. 

Raleigh summertime can be extremely hot and nobody wants their system to freeze up when it’s 100 degrees outside.  Often such problems begin with a leak that could have been repaired before leading to the discomfort of being without air conditioning when you need it most.

Unusual Sounds

If you see or hear something unusual with your air conditioning system, it’s better to call and talk to a professional than wait to see if it gets worse.  Mechanical problems don’t mysteriously fix themselves.  Any change in the operation of your unit could indicate a serious problem. 

Insufficient Cooling or Heating

If your system isn’t cooling or heating as it should be, contact me right away.   This could indicate that you have a leak.  By catching this early we may be able to keep you from having to go without heat or cooling for no longer than it takes to change a part.  Many factors such as the materials and insulation of your home and the ventilation of your attic can affect what level of heating and cooling you can realistically expect from your unit.  Sometimes your AC system may be doing its job and we may need to look at other factors to help you stay comfortable through the dynamic North Carolina climate.

Power Spikes

If your power bill suddenly goes up, keep in mind that your HVAC system is probably one of the primary consumers of electricity in your home.  While it’s normal for system use to fluctuate with the seasons, if you have been in your house for a couple of years you will have an idea of what’s normal on your power bill.  Improper HVAC system operation can cause unexplained spikes in power utilization.

If You Smell Gas

If you smell gas near your unit, treat this as a potentially life-threatening situation.  Leave the area immediately and contact either myself or another Raleigh NC AC repair company right away.  If you believe a gas supply line has been damaged, contact your local gas supply company and local emergency services.

Uneven Heating and Cooling

Have you noticed that some rooms are always either warmer or cooler than you want them to be, while others may be more comfortable?  If so this may simply mean that the air flow was never properly adjusted. 

If You Need Honest AC Repair in Raleigh NC

I believe in honest repairs and helping my customers get the most life out of their existing system.  If you need help with your heating and cooling system in the Raleigh area, give me a call right away. 



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